Certificates of Deposit

With as a little as $500, you can begin investing in your future. The annual percentage yield is fixed for the term of the deposit, and we provide the flexibility to enjoy short or long term investments. Start saving for the journey ahead.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

sheild Maximum Security
sheild Fixed Rate and Fixed Term
sheild Short and Long Term Options
sheild Worth-while Investment

Invest in Your Future

A certificate of deposit (CD) offers an opportunity to save towards your financial goals. This savings account holds a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time. Aventa CDs provide the option of short or long term investment horizons, to meet your savings needs. When you redeem a CD, you receive both the money originally invested in addition to any earned interest. The interest earned, or annual percentage yield, is fixed for the term of the deposit.

Retirement Nest Egg Calculator

Are you considering how much it takes to create a secure retirement for your future? Use this calculator to help determine what size your retirement nest egg should be.